About Us

The members of Local 589 perform many electric specific jobs at the MTA-Long Island Railroad.

Maintenance of Equipment Electricians fix and repair the various different pieces of electrical equipment on the trains. LIRR trains are electric trains and equipment constantly wears and tears. 589 members ensure that the equipment works effectively and efficiently.

589 members are also Third Rail Electricians who build and maintain the electrified third rail. LIRR trains do not move without an electric current which is delivered through the third rail. This work is extremely dangers but 589 does is both safely and effectively.

589 is also Maintenance of Way Electricians. They do all the lighting and wiring at LIRR stations and on all LIRR buildings and facilities. They run new electric lines, maintain the wire and run service to the signal gates.

589 are also High Tension Linemen and Substation workers. These workers are a small specialized group. They bring in high voltage power from the grid into the substations, reduce the voltage to run power all along the LIRR.

589 also represent electricians at Newark Airport and the Air-train at John F. Kennedy Airport.

IBEW Local 589 is an incredibly democratic and charitable organization. They are consistent contributors to the NY Rescue Mission, the Lighthouse Mission, Girl Scouts and Cystic Fibrosis.

Representing over 900 hardworking families, IBEW Local 589 powers the LIRR, and empowers our community.