Asbestos Awareness

Attention Brothers and Sisters,

We are reaching out to everyone to inform you about the ongoing asbestos investigation within the M of W department. We have cables and splits with asbestos wrapped insulation as well as asbestos switch boxes still on the property. As we continue to investigate, there is a possibility this will also be on the switch boxes used daily by the M of E Car Movers, so take note. Corporate policy is being revamped and training is being set up. We advise you not work on ANY of these materials until the carrier provides not only proper PPE but adequate training. Appendix S in our CBA speaks of training and $1 stipend to perform such work only while performing work on asbestos related material. You have the option to do this work or not, but I encourage you to get trained to identify and work on asbestos material and have the proper PPE. If you come across any asbestos materials, please contact Tim Marchand with the identification and location so he can add it to the list. You can email him pictures at If you have questions or are unsure of some asbestos concerns, contact Tim at that email as well.

To see pictures to help identify the types of asbestos found on the property, please see below. You can click on each photo to see a larger view.