Bargaining Coalition

Brothers & Sisters:

The General Chairmen of their respective labor organizations are pleased to announce the formation of the Long Island Rail Road Bargaining Coalition ("LIRR BC") for the round of bargaining. As you may know, our contracts became amendable on June 16, 2023. Shortly before that time and as of recently, other labor organizations within the railroad industry have ratified agreements or reached tentative agreements which provide average annual wage increases greater than agreements) reached by non- railroad labor organization(s) representing employees of the MTA.

Agreements have been reached with other public and private sector unions that provide for more or less than what has been reached within the railroad industry. However, we recognize that the work performed by the members we represent is unique to our industry. Accordingly, ti is the position of the LIRR BC that the wage pattern established within the railroad industry applies to its affiliate members.

Your labor representatives understand the work you do every day to make sure the trains on the nation's busiest commuter railroad run safely and efficiently, we do not take that for granted. We also understand the support you have for us, and we thank you for that. Your efforts are the reason we are committed to securing an agreement which is worthy of ratification. We will work tirelessly to ensure such.

Additional updates regarding the progress of negotiations will be provided as necessary.

In solidarity,

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