Confdential Close Call Reporting System

Confdential Close Call Reporting System

The goal of the Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C 3RS) is to improve the safety of railroad operations by providing a voluntary, confidential method of reporting close calls that might otherwise go unreported and/or result in discipline. A “close call” is defined as an unsafe condition or event that has the potential for a more serious consequence. Reporting close calls provides the opportunity to develop improved safety practices using information from the event. The program provides an environment in which employees can voluntarily report close calls.

Key features of C 3RS:

  • A Peer Review Team (PRT) made up of labor, management, and FRA analyzes close calls to identify trends, sources of risk, and recommendations for corrective actions to address them.
  • A close call report filed by one member of a crew or gang may potentially cover their immediate coworkers. Why should you report a close call? Information from your close call report will make the work environment safer for you and your co-workers. The information provided could help in preventing similar incidents that were previously not reported.


  • Complements Existing Safety Initiatives
  • Builds a Positive Safety Culture
  • Proactive
  • Focuses on Problems not People

The C 3RS process is only as good as the information received in close call reports, so please provide detailed reports. Your confidentiality will not be breached.

  • We encourage that all members of the gang or crew fill out a separate report to gain all views of each incident.

Reports Received
Since the inception of the program we have received 196 reports for which 179 have been reviewed by the PRT.

Reports are prioritized based on the likelihood of each close call becoming an actual event resulting in an injury or property damage. The cases that present the most imminent danger are reviewed first to develop corrective actions.

Corrective Actions Implemented

1) Stony Brook Crossing Gate Key
2) Trainman’s Job Briefing Guide
3) Rule 241 Reference Cards
4) Track Car Procedure

More information is available through the C 3RS website at:

Click here to download the complete Confidential Close Call Reporting System Newsletter