Negotiation Update

Over the last few months, we have made a concerted effort to keep everyone apprised of the negotiating environment we find ourselves in, whether it’s with our Newark brothers and Sisters at Alstom or us here at the LIRR. Unless you live in a hole, you can't help but be excited by the progress Unions have made across the country. The Wall Street Journal calls this year “The Year of The Strike”. Everywhere you look, workers demand a fair contract for their daily work to make this country work. Attached is the latest article from Newsday titled: How UAW fared following Strike.

It starts with the following statement:

Union says it won things no one thought possible.

Please take the time to read this article and pass it along. The UAW dared to imagine what was possible, fair, and went out and achieved the best contract in decades.

Let’s follow their example!