Updates for Newark Airtrain Members

Updates for Newark Airtrain Members

The turnout for the annual employee barbecue was excellent. I would like to thank all who showed up. Unfortunately Steve Schmitt and myself could not attend due to the severity of the contract negotiations at JFK. I am happy that the attendance was larger than last year and look forward to next year's.

OSHA will be serving Bombardier with a citation for not having proper safety standards in place. This after an investigation was conducted following a serious injury to one of our members on the guideway. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE AT ALL TIMES! Report any safety concerns to your union representatives. The site was put on n otice as was the Port Authority that any serious safety concerns not addressed by management will be brought directly to OSHA. Please do your part by keeping your representatives informed.

I want to thank Ramone Lopez, Tom Gray and Sam Boahman for the great job they are doing at the site representing our members. It is a difficult job that can be thankless at times. I wish our members could see all the great things these representatives do behind the scenes. Thanks again guys!

Anyone who would like to get involved by becoming a representative on the 3rd shift should contact Ramone Lopez. WE NEED THE HELP!