Your vote has never been more crucial

Your vote has never been more crucial

Messages from Ricardo Sanchez, General Chairman

Brothers and Sisters, this coming Tuesday, November 4th you will have the day off to vote in the upcoming elections. This time your vote has never been more crucial to electing politicians that have supported you and your families by taking the side of working men and women. Some politicians say one thing, then do the other depending on how the wind is blowing. Some like Congressman Tim Bishop say what they mean and stand by their word. Tim was one of our friends during our contract dispute with the MTA, and spoke up on our behalf everytime he had the opportunity. He spoke at our rally, and he spoke up for us in Washington. It's our turn to speak up and let Congressman Bishop know we support those few politicians that supported us in our fight for a fair contract. We were successful in our fight because of the support we received from our friends in political office. They are truly our voices. On November 4, 2014, before you enjoy the day off, VOTE, it does matter.

Below are Politicians that we have endorsed because they have our best interest at heart.

Congressman Timothy Bishop, 1st District NY
Tom Schiliro, 2nd District
Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General
Tom DiNapoli, Comptroller