Attention LIRR Maintenance Of Equipment Members

R T e: CFR 219:23 Paperwork Mailed Home

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Two weeks ago, I had a brief discussion with C. Daly (Chief Mechanical Officer) regarding the new FRA requirement (CFR 219:23) that would be going into effect on the LIRR. The requirement which increases the pool of employees covered under a random drug and alcohol test is confusing to say the least. That said, the organization requested a meeting with the department, medical and the FRA to gain a better understanding of who is now covered and who, if anyone, would be required to fill out the paperwork that is being sent out.

That meeting was not attended by anyone from the maintenance of way department or a representative. The organizations' representatives, medical and the FRA were all present but without the department's input we still do not have a clear understanding of how this will be implemented. That said, we have requested another meeting with the department. Until a meeting is scheduled, and we can answer your questions regarding the paperwork please do not fill anything out.


Ricardo Sanchez
General Chairman