MBAP Document

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have chosen to participate in Local 589’s Member’s Beneficiary Assistance Program (MBAP). It has been an overwhelming success with over 75% of the membership participating. The positive feedback we have received has been tremendous. However, along with this positive feedback we have received some negative feedback as well. When speaking with some of these individuals we have learned that much of their trepidation is the result of misconceptions concerning the program. To help ease concerns, and in no particular order, I would like to address some of these misconceptions while including some important facts that I hope will afford everyone the opportunity to make an informed decision.

-This is not a monthly deduction added to your dues. Participating members will have $25 deducted from their pay only when an active member passes away.

-Active members do not included retirees or SR (Seniority Retention) members such as Gang Foreman or other Supervisors.

-Since 1998 thirteen (13) active members have passed away. Had the program been implemented since that time the cost would have averaged only $13.54 a year per member.

-If every member participates in the program, a beneficiary will receive approximately $25,000 immediately.

-The decision to develop the program was predicated on feedback we received after an assessment vote on the matter was taken in 2021. Approximately 30 members showed up to vote it down. This new program addresses the concerns of those who opposed the assessment by giving every individual the choice to participate or not. No obligation.

-This plan is not an assessment but a voluntary contribution that members may opt-out of at any time. Forms are available online or through your union representative as well as the office.

-Full transparency. When the unfortunate need arises, the Executive Board will administer the program, reporting back to the membership and answering any question you may have.

The overwhelming majority of us have our affairs in order. However, in today’s financial world very few have enough assets put aside that their loved ones can access quickly should the need arise. This program provides just that. When a member dies it takes months before beneficiaries receive any benefit.  By participating you are assuring loved ones receive these much-needed funds immediately, helping to ease financial burdens as they navigate through the difficult process. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this tremendous inexpensive benefit.

In Solidarity,
Ricardo Sanchez,
General Chairman
The participation deadline has been extended to March 1, 2023. Any members who have opted-out and now wish to participate may do so by contacting our office at 631-569-4008.