Newark Airtrain: Safety is of the Utmost Importance

There will be a Newark Airtrain members meeting on February 25, 2016. Time and location to be announced.

Members who are in the CARP program are reminded that they are under the same Collective Bargaining Agreement as everyone. Anyone who is not being allowed to bid jobs outside of CARP or is having their shift changed without proper notice, should notify our office immediately.

I would like to remind everyone that Guideway safety is everyone's responsibility. Anyone who is not familiar with their role and duties as a "Lookout" should notify their supervisor and Union Representative immediately. In addition to our members receiving proper training, supervision should be designating certain individuals as lookouts before work gangs access the guideway. Members are not to determine among themselves who the lookout will be. We have numerous concerns regarding these issues. We will continue to hold a very defensive management team accountable. BE SAFE!

Terminations for sleeping on duty have skyrocketed. Third shift members are particularly susceptible to this. These members typically have responsibilities during the day time that prevent them from getting proper rest and they are often assigned to duties that require them to stand by idly with nothing to do, this creates a toxic combination. Management and supervision are unsympathetic to these facts and choose to wield an overzealous brand of justice. To minimize any risk, members should utilize any time off available to them before coming to work tired and risking injury to themselves or others.