LIRR Updates

  • Engineering Department & Maintenance of Equipment Department Safety Committees

    We our in need of Safety Committee volunteers from the Engineering Department and Maintenance of Equipment Department to participate in the implementation of the new 49 CFR part 270 regulation. This new regulation goes into effect next year and will be phased in. The FRA... Read More
  • LIRR Drug Testing

    Random drug and alcohol testing is required by both the DOT and FRA for certain members performing safety sensitive jobs. While the regulation is quite complex, it is important for all of us to know some aspects of the procedure in order to protect ourselves if selected: 1-... Read More
  • LIRR Hours of Service Cards

    We have been successful recently by convincing the Carrier to simplify its Hours of Service compliance policy. Cards no longer need to be filled out. A new form is being supplied by the Manpower Offices that M of E members simply need to review and sign. M of E members in... Read More
  • LIRR MEMBERS: Contract talks are beginning

    Thank you to all who participated in our Contract Survey! The information gathered was invaluable and has helped us get a real pulse of the membership's desires.  Our contract expires on December 16, 2016. There have been some informal discussions between the parties. We will... Read More
  • Confdential Close Call Reporting System

    The goal of the Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C 3RS) is to improve the safety of railroad operations by providing a voluntary, confidential method of reporting close calls that might otherwise go unreported and/or result in discipline. A “close call” is defined as an... Read More
  • Our condolences to the Saley Family

    It is with deep regret that we must inform you of the passing of Brother Keith Saley - LIRR Substation Electrician. Arrangements are as follows:   Visitation: Thursday, August 4, 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm 7:00pm - 9:00pm   Claude R. Boyd Caratozzolo Funeral Home 1785 Deer Park Ave.... Read More
  • LIRR Third Track Project is a matter of life and death

    This past week we once again witnessed the epic battle between progress and regress, an age-old topic we constantly revisit here on Long Island. Gov. Cuomo continues his push for a third track, an expansion of service from the quasi-public/private utility we all love to hate -... Read More
  • LIRR Updates: Contract Negotiations begin in 5 months

    Positive Train Control installation has finally begun on the M-7 fleet at theHillside Car-shop. This early stage work will consist of cable, antenna and sensor installation with the bulk of the work to follow shortly. Electricians from Department 22 first and second shifts will... Read More
  • LIRR: West Side Shop appears to be behind / M of E Department hirings

    The Company will be mailing training material to every one's house. All represented employees on the property will be receiving it as well. Please take the time to review it and fill out the required paperwork. Everyone who complies will receive 8 hours at the straight time rate... Read More

    Due to safety concerns regarding training, our office is advising all electricians who are not qualified to move cars at the RICHMOND HILL FACILITY, to refrain from bidding any posted car moving jobs until further notice.   Once again, this only applies to RICHMOND HILL FACILITY... Read More
  • LIRR Members: Congratulations, Shop Opening and Safety

    Congratulations to LIRR Safety Award Winners and 589 members Mark Givens, Chris Cardone and Timothy Gould. An awards ceremony was held on July 24, 2015 at the Hillside Complex recognizing their accomplishments. Congratulations gentlemen.   All members are advised to contact our... Read More
  • LIRR Members: Check Your Death Benefit Beneficiaries

    Our office is advising everyone to check to see who is listed as beneficiaries on their Defined Death Benefit (3 years salary). Contact 646-252-1117 or PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES!