Newark Airtrain Updates

  • Newark Air Train a First

    I would like to thank Local Chairman Ramone Lopez and Representative Richarde Robinson for taking the time to come to November's General Membership Meeting. It was the first time anyone from Newark Airtrain has attended the meeting. These monthly meetings are for ALL members and... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain Near Miss

    A recent near miss with a Maintenance Recovery Vehicle has once again brought the spot light back to guideway safety. If the proper people are not assigned (Safety Spotter, Area Coordinator) to do the job, do not do it until the proper people are in place. Anyone directed to do... Read More
  • Promotion Training

    We are working with the Training Department to restructure the training program to improve how members get the necessary skills and knowledge needed to facilitate promotions to the next level. We are still encouraging all members to file written request for training with... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain: Upcoming Meeting

    There will be two Newark Airtrain members meetings on August 24, 2016 at 1pm and 4pm located at the Terminal One Restaurant. We are having discussions with management regarding the shift changes that the Company is seeking to implement. We will keep everyone up to date as things... Read More
  • Safety is of the utmost importance

    Message from Financial Secretary, Steven Schmitt    After the recent incident this past Friday at Newark site I want to once again stress the importance of safety on the job and knowing your surroundings. In regards to the SOP and the Guide-way safety, when working on or about... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain: Safety is of the Utmost Importance

    There will be a Newark Airtrain members meeting on February 25, 2016. Time and location to be announced.   Members who are in the CARP program are reminded that they are under the same Collective Bargaining Agreement as everyone. Anyone who is not being allowed to bid jobs... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain Members: Training, Safety and Meetings

    I would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend our Newark Airtrain Members Meeting on Thursday. We were pleased with the turn out and enjoyed answering your questions and discussing your concerns.   The lack of training continues to be an issue for us. I would like... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain: OSHA, TSA and Reps

    A meeting was held with OSHA to discuss the implementation of the new SOP regarding working on the guide way. Members are required to have a fellow employee designated as a "Lookout" when accessing the guide way. Their sole function is to watch for oncoming train traffic. Please... Read More
  • Updates for Newark Airtrain Members

    The turnout for the annual employee barbecue was excellent. I would like to thank all who showed up. Unfortunately Steve Schmitt and myself could not attend due to the severity of the contract negotiations at JFK. I am happy that the attendance was larger than last year and look... Read More
  • Newark AirTrain: Grievences

    We have been filing grievances for excessive discipline and have been successful in reducing the discipline, or in some cases, having it expunged in its entirety. I would like to thank Local Chairman Ramon Lopez and Shop Steward Tom Gray for their good work.   We implore... Read More
  • Newark AirTrain: Work Safely

    Newark Airtrain members are being advised to obey ALL safety rules as the Company is  being over zealous with its enforcement of safety related disciplines. This over compensation is a result of a recent serious injury sustained by of one of our members who was struck by a train... Read More
  • Newark Airtrain: Upcoming Meeting

    Any members who lost time from work due to issues with their Port Authority I.D. should contact our office as soon as possible. The next Labor/Management meeting will be on January 29th. Please let your co-workers know about the 589 Express emails. If they haven't signed up,... Read More